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Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Future of Autonomous Vehicles


Think about it for a moment. Your car navigates itself to a preset destination by monitoring surroundings on its own while you concentrate on work or lay back and talk with your friend. This is what autonomous driving technology promises us in the foreseeable future.

V2X (Vehicle to Everything)
Technology to exchange or share information with other vehicles or infrastructure while driving based on a wireless communication network. Smart sensors installed on roads monitor and send information on vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.
FCA (Forward Collision Avoidance Assist)
A driving safety feature that warns the driver in the event of a potential risk of forward collision on the road and then takes control of the brake and steering systems
HDA (Highway Driving Assist)
A driving convenience feature to relieve drivers from driving stress by automatically adjusting the preset smart cruise control speed to speed limits while steering and throttling so that the vehicle can keep a safe distance from the car in front and remain in the lane
LKA (Lane Keeping Assist)
A driving safety assistance system that steers and keeps the vehicle in the lane